Kari A and Linda Sweet – Chef

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May 27, 2016

Description: Frequent Andrej Lupin collaborator Qweedo Climber does double duty in "Chef." He fulfills his usual function as one of the camera operators, but he also performs in the title role, instructing four beautiful women in the culinary arts. After lessons in slicing, spicing, dicing, and sauteing, the class concludes with glasses of sparkling wine, and Qweedo exits with Amarna Miller and Rosaline Rosa. The other two students, dark-haired Kari A and redhead Linda Sweet, remain in the kitchen, and they quickly make it clear that they're both hungry — for each other. After warming up in the kitchen they adjourn to a nearby sofa and a leisurely lesbian interlude begins to unfold. The camera moves unobtrusively and fluidly to capture the lovemaking, gliding in close as Linda licks and probes Kari's glistening slit, and then sliding back for a full view of the couple as Kari reaches a vocal and extended orgasm. And the action remains at a rolling boil as Kari pleasures Linda, savoring the pink perfection of her pussy with her mouth, tongue, and fingers, and then — after Sweet has rolled onto her side — Kari drives two fingers deep into Linda as the redhead strokes her clit to a subtly satisfying climax. The finest ingredients, skillfully prepared and artfully presented, make "Chef" an immensely satisfying feast for the senses.

Kari A
Linda Sweet

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